The noble working of precious metals in Mexico has traditionally been cultivated since the time of the Spanish colony in America. However it is not since that time when the Mexican silversmith expressed his splendid qualities, but since the days of pre-Hispanic culture. Following the tradition of Mexican craftsmen, BMT Regalos makes articles for the table service or decor, and hand-carves the pieces one by one.

The master craftsman puts his stamp on each piece, giving it its own personality, a consequence of artisanal achievement. The knowledge of metal and fire behavior that helps to mold, makes each piece a unique product. It’s unique in its proportions, dimensions and details, giving it its high market value.

The new line of lightweight aluminium goes through a highly complex manufacturing process in order to achieve pieces that are worked with a polished mirror finish. The final product has the option of different finishes such as enamelled in different colors, and hammered by hand. This offers a new range of fine and elegant products, with which BMT Regalos is still growing and reinventing itself with new designs.